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Meet the Global Executive Committee

Kurt Pedersen Kaalund

Group Chief Executive Officer

My role is to define and communicate strategic direction and core business principles for the group in alignment with our board and owners. I manage the global Executive Committee and lead the entire Albaugh team.

Stuart Feldstein

Executive Vice President and Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Albaugh's legal and human resource teams enable us to serve our customers with creative, pragmatic solutions, exercising strong ethics and respect for our employees. Through our Sustainability Program, we are committed to supporting global food security and advancing the principles and goals of the UN Global Compact.

Region Presidents

Douglas “Dak” Kaye

President, North America

Albaugh has a reputation for delivering value to our North American customers through high-quality, cost-effective products, which now include nearly 400 registrations across 50+ active ingredients. We work every day to develop new product offerings and exceed expectations in a professional and ethical manner, putting our customers first.

Nicolas Winschel

President, LATAM South

As a leading crop protection company in the LATAM South Region, Albaugh is proud to deliver high quality solutions and create value for farmers with our competitively priced portfolio. Our production facilities are committed to leading the Region's ESG policies, driving excellence in environmental, health, safety, and security performance.

Cesar Rojas

President, Brazil/Paraguay

We have in Brazil/Paraguay one of the most thriving, intensive, and technologically advanced agricultural markets in the world. We are successfully expanding our operations and proudly becoming the alternative of choice for our customers with a broad and attractive portfolio in our strategic crop areas.

Carlos Saavedra

President, LATAM North

Albaugh has consolidated its presence in LATAM North, with a diversified portfolio that mixes traditional products with other cutting-edge technologies, a wide distribution network and a strong team. We are committed to being the best alternative for farmers in our Region.

Stephen Karl

President, Europe/MEA

From our home base in Lausanne, CH and our formulation and packaging facilities in Race, SI, and Valencia, Spain - Albaugh serves our European customers, as well as those in the Middle East and Africa. We navigate the complexity of the Regional regulatory environment, while managing our business both profitably and sustainably.

Cristina Wu

President, China & APAC Region

We strive to serve farmers in China and the Asia Pacific regions with innovative and sustainable solutions, using our cutting-edge technologies and unique efficiency. Our commitment extends beyond addressing current challenges to creating a prosperous and sustainable future for generations to come.

Group Functions

Jens Thorsen

Chief Marketing Officer

Albaugh's group marketing team includes business development and the management of both our new and proprietary product portfolios. In a rapidly changing global environment, our goal is to best address the current and future needs of our customers in every Region we serve with high-quality, affordable solutions and strong local support.

Russell Browning

Chief Operations Officer

Global Operations is committed to our Vision, Mission and Values. This includes creating value for our customers while exercising integrity and responsibility for the global community.

John Froehlich

Chief Technology Officer

Our research, development and manufacturing teams, along with our world-class facilities produce high-quality products at excellent costs, providing great value to our customers. We have adopted a continuous improvement mindset in all that we do so that today's good work will pale in comparison to tomorrow's.

Todd Figley

Chief Financial Officer

Albaugh’s Finance and IT teams ensure that we have sufficient resources to grow our product portfolios, expand geographically, and enhance our manufacturing capabilities to best serve our partners. Additionally, we provide platforms to enhance the customer experience and make it easy to do business with Albaugh.

Stuart Feldstein

Chief Human Resources Officer

The mission of the Albaugh Human Resources team is to bring value to the business by attracting, motivating and developing talented people, aligning individual success with company growth, and to create an environment of fairness, empathy and respect.

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