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Elevating the Science of Seed Treatment

And giving your bottom line a lift while we’re at it.

Innovative Seed Treatments to Get Crops Off to the Best Start.

Albaugh seed treatments are trusted in multiple crops across millions of acres. Whether you’re looking for a single active ingredient, a comprehensive solution, or a custom blend, our seed treatments provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Choose Your Seed Treatment Solutions

Fungicides icon

Fungicide Seed Treatments

Seed- and soil-borne pathogens like Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium can affect germination and early seedling growth. This can lead to poor emergence, stand loss, and decreased yield. Albaugh’s range of effective seed-applied fungicide solutions offer broad-spectrum protection during the critical early stages of plant development.

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Insecticide/Nematicide Seed Treatments

Insects can inflict costly damage to crops, especially during critical early growth stages. Take control early with Albaugh’s portfolio of traditional and biological insecticide seed treatments that stop early season sucking and chewing insects and nematodes both above and below ground.

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Premix Seed Treatments

When you need the most complete control of seed- and soil-borne insects and disease, count on Albaugh's premix seed treatments to provide superior protection. These all-in-one solutions offer broad-spectrum efficacy by combining carefully formulated fungicides and insecticides to proactively safeguard your crops right from the start.

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BIOST® Nature’s Science™

By incorporating non-living strains, plant extracts, and fermentation byproducts, biological products offer sustainable alternatives that enhance the efficacy of synthetic chemistries and extend the duration of control. BIOST is the industry’s first complete biological seed treatment platform with OMRI-listed options that have proven compatibility and proven performance in more than 1,000 trials.

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