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World-Class Facilities to Support an Industry-Leading Portfolio

Albaugh is the largest privately held supplier of crop protection products in the world, operating in more than 80 countries. Our 12, best-in-class manufacturing facilities are strategically located to provide unique production capabilities and cost advantages from synthesis technology and research capabilities to multiactive formulation, warehousing, and logistics. This also allows us to have control over quality throughout the entirety of the production, packaging, and distribution process to ensure we are delivering the highest quality crop protection, seed treatment, and turf and ornamental products to you and your customers.

Albaugh North America

North America

Covering the United States and Canada, the North American business is managed from the corporate headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa, with manufacturing located in the heart of the country at our facility in St. Joseph, Mo. Being centrally located offers us a number of operational and logistical advantages that allow us to deliver products conveniently and efficiently. Our facilities include formulation, amination, and synthesis technology, flexible packaging from small-pack to bulk sizes, substantial on-site warehousing space, and bulk tanker, rail, and truck-loading facilities to effectively manage more than 300 products. 

Mexico/LATAM North

Our Mexico/LATAM North regional headquarters are located in Bogota, Colombia, and serves customers in Central America, the Caribbean, and the Andean Pact region. Manufacturing is managed through our site in Chihuahua, Mexico where we operate a highly efficient production facility for our copper products (copper oxychloride, copper hydroxide, and tribasic copper) in HiBIO™ dried solid formulations with OMRI certifications and liquid formulations to supply to global markets. In addition to production, we have a dedicated copper R&D laboratory and microbiology lab, and hold ISO 9011 and CTPAT certifications.

Brazil Facility


The Brazilian region is headquartered in São Paulo with manufacturing located in our expansive facility in Resende. Here, we house copper synthesis and formulation capabilities, herbicide formulation and amination, and insecticide and fungicide formulation, with highly efficient, automated packaging lines and excellent access to customer and international ports. Originally focused on core herbicides and the South of Brazil, today our expanded portfolio helps to address the needs of farmers throughout the country, including the important Cerrado region.

Latin America South Facility

Argentina/LATAM South

Managed from the regional headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, LATAM south covers the entire country of Argentina as well as the markets in Chile and Uruguay. Our Rio Tercero production facility is strategically located in the center of Argentina and features back integrated synthesis capabilities, as well as serving as the only 2,4-D and 2,4-DB synthesizer in South America. The Pilar facility is a highly flexible asset, providing efficient glyphosate synthesis and access to customer and international ports. In San Nicolas, we operate a multipurpose production site with atrazine synthesis, 2,4-D ester formulation, and a range of SC, EC, SL, SG, and WDG production. 

Europe/Middle East & Africa

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Europe/MEA Region serves key markets in Europe, in addition to customers in the Middle East and Africa. We operate two manufacturing facilities in this region, in Race, Slovenia, and in Valencia, Spain. Race is a historic site, founded in 1888, and ideally located to serve central and eastern Europe. Here we have a state-of-the-art lab focused on row crop products, and manufacture herbicide and fungicide formulations. The Valencia site was acquired in 2023 and serves as a global hub for ecological innovations and produces fungicide, insecticide, and herbicide formulations. This facility is well-situated to serve our western Europe and north Africa markets. 

China/Asia/Pacific (CAP)

The CAP Region business is managed in three key commercial areas - China, India and Asia Pacific – and headquartered in Hong Kong. Our four regional production sites are located in India and mainland China. From Udaipur, India, we have synthesis capability for multiple herbicide products in WDG, SC, and EC formulations, as well as unique R&D facilities for new molecule development. In Kushan, China, we have fungicide and insecticide formulation and packaging capabilities tailored to the CAP region and partial other regions market demand. From Tianjin, China, we provide herbicide production and production licenses for 11 formulation types. And, in Yantai, China, we have solid- and liquid-blended, water-soluble, and solid water-soluble fertilizer production capabilities. 

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