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Get the dependable crop protection you need

Albaugh provides high-quality products at competitive prices and with great service, unlocking the power of choice for our customers.

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Providing effective crop protection

For more than 40 years, Albaugh has built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and great service at competitive prices. We have never strayed from those founding principles. The continued addition of new products to our portfolio and expansion into more segments will ensure future growth, benefiting farmers and the partners we serve around the world.

Crop Protection

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Don't let weeds rob your crop of nutrients and yields. Albaugh makes weed control easy with a carefully formulated range of herbicides with multiple modes of action.

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When conditions are right for disease development, prompt action is essential to protect crop yield and quality. Albaugh offers a reliable portfolio of fungicides that effectively target various diseases and pathogens for supreme protection.

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Crop damage caused by insects can be severe. Albaugh offers a powerful range of insecticides that deliver the control and performance you need at an economical price. With multiple modes of action, there is a fit for any integrated pest management strategy.

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Better boll retention and improved defoliation are at your fingertips with Albaugh’s effective plant growth regulators. Keep your cotton well-managed and well-regulated without going over budget.

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