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World-Class Facilities to Support an Industry-Leading Portfolio

Many of our North American products are manufactured and packaged in the heart of the country at our facility in St. Joseph, Missouri. Being centrally located within the U.S. gives us a number of operational and logistical advantages that allow us to deliver quality products conveniently and efficiently.

Serving Our Customers from the Heart of America

With more than 600,000 square feet under roof on 75+ acres, our North American manufacturing facility in St. Joseph, Missouri, is home to four processing plants with seven million gallons of tank capacity, bulk tank truck loading capability, three railroad spurs, and a fleet of bulk tanker trucks. It also houses a state-of-the-art formulation lab, glyphosate-synthesis capability, herbicide esterification and formulation capability, amination, and fungicide and insecticide formulation.

These assets make Albaugh uniquely positioned to provide our customers, distributors and industry partners with high-quality, competitively priced products in all of the markets we serve.

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