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Albaugh Introduces Maxtron™ 4SC Herbicide to U.S. Crop Protection Market

ANKENY, Iowa, October 26, 2023 — Albaugh is pleased to announce that the company has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Maxtron™ 4SC herbicide (EPA Reg. No. 45002-37).

Maxtron™ 4SC contains ethofumesate, a broad-spectrum herbicide for selective control of key weeds, including annual sowthistle, puncturevine, and purple and yellow nutsedge in sugar beets, garlic, onions, and other crops. Preemergent applications of Maxtron™ 4SC protect sugar beets through germination, emergence, and early seedling growth, and have demonstrated effective control of susceptible weed species for up to 10 weeks in sugar beets. Maxtron™ 4SC can be applied using ground or aerial equipment and exhibits excellent handling and storage characteristics.

“This is a highly anticipated addition to Albaugh’s herbicide portfolio,” said Andy Bogue, Albaugh U.S. Sales Director – Crop Protection. “Maxtron™ 4SC will give customers, particularly sugar beet growers in the Red River Valley, a new alternative to combat glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in their Roundup Ready® sugar beets.”

Maxtron™ 4SC will be available through authorized Albaugh distributors for the 2024 growing season.

About Albaugh, LLC
Albaugh, LLC is a privately owned U.S. limited liability corporation, founded in 1979 by Dennis Albaugh. Headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa, Albaugh is the largest privately held supplier of post-patent crop protection products in the world with an ever-expanding portfolio of core crop protection products, seed treatment platform, and the specialty line of turf and ornamental products. Albaugh is a global business, operating world-class, multi-functional plants supporting in key regions of the world including North America, Mexico/LATAM North, Brazil/Paraguay, Argentina/LATAM South, Europe/MEA and China/Asia/Pacific. To learn more, visit