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Amplitude® ST

Amplitude® ST

2 x 2.5 gal, bulk, NR 265

The active ingredient in Amplitude® ST is a beneficial rhizobacterium that colonizes plant root hairs, leaves and other surfaces to prevent establishment of fungal and bacterial plant diseases. Amplitude ST has a protective effect because it inhibits spore germination and mycelial growth on the colonized roots.

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Product Features:

  • Natural chemistry produced during the fermentation process inhibits pathogens and
    triggers the plant to produce defensive compounds.
  • Provides suppression of soil-borne Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia,
    Verticillium and other fungal and bacterial diseases.
  • Compatible with many commonly used pesticides, fertilizers, adjuvants
    and surfactants.
  • Labeled for use on corn, soybeans, cereals, dry beans, pulse crops, cotton,
    sunflowers, canola and potatoes.
  • Amplitude is a registered trademark of ProFarm Group, Inc. and used under license agreement with Albaugh, LLC.