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Discover the Vital Crops We Protect With Our Innovative Solutions

From staple grains like maize to nutritious fruits like grapes, we’re dedicated to safeguarding a diverse range of crops worldwide. Explore how our comprehensive crop protection strategies defend against pests, diseases, and environmental challenges, ensuring healthier yields and sustainable agriculture for generations to come.


Cereal cultivation plays a substantial role in European agriculture, utilizing the majority of the continent's available agricultural land.

Top Brands: Tribenuron-methyl + Florasulam (Flame Duo, Trailer Duo, Tercero Duo); Prothioconazole (Euskatel, Chavez); Metsulfuron-methyl + Tribenuron-methyl (Boudha, Blusky), Thifensulfuron-methyl + Tribenuron-methyl (Nautius, Hiatus); Thifensulfuron-methyl + Metsulfuron-methyl (Ergon, Connex); Metsulfuron-methyl (Deft, Savvy); Prosulfocarb (Fantasia); Fluroxypyr (Tensira) 


Citrus is a prominent crop in agriculture cultivated in subtropical and tropical regions worldwide. It's susceptible to pests and diseases, requiring careful management. With its economic importance and widespread consumption, citrus remains a cornerstone of global agriculture.

Top Brands: Flazasulfuron (Jogg, Minsk, Goldwind, Inferno); Fosetyl-al (Alfil WG); Glyphosate-IPA + MCPA (Galaxia Max); Glyphosate (Atila, Solar 360, Boom Efekt, Dominator, Landmaster Supreme); Hexythiazox (Diablo Max, Acaroil); Pyriproxyfen (Proximo)

Fruit Trees

Fruit tree cultivation requires careful attention to factors like soil type, climate, and pruning techniques to ensure optimal growth and fruit production. Harvesting typically occurs once a year. Fruit trees contribute to biodiversity, soil conservation, and rural economies, making them integral to agricultural landscapes globally.

Top Brands: Copper hydroxide (Copernico HiBio, Blue shield HiBio, Copren HiBio); Fosetyl-al (Alfil WG); Pyriproxyfen (Proximo); Paraffin oil (Plantoil Pro); Hexythiazox (Diablo Max, Acaroil); Glyphosate-IPA + MCPA (Galaxia Max)


Grapes are a significant crop in agriculture. Grape cultivation involves meticulous care to ensure optimal yield and quality. Harvesting typically occurs in late summer to early fall, with grapes destined for winemaking harvested at specific sugar and acidity levels.

Top Brands: Flazasulfuron (Jogg, Minsk, Goldwind, Inferno); Fosetyl-al + Folpet + Cymoxanil (Magma Triple, Alfil Triple); Hexythiazox (Diablo Max, Acaroil); Kresoxim-methyl (Quimera); Natural pyrethrins (Abanto Max); Fosetyl-al (Alfil WG)


Maize is Europe's second largest crop grown by area of agricultural land. Primarily grown in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. It favours a warm climate, ample sunlight and well distributed rainfall.

Top Brands: Nicosulfuron OD (Primero, Pantani, Actura, Bandera); Azoxystrobin (Diagonal, Roubaix); Dicamba + Nicosulfuron (Kaltor, Kingsley); Dicamba (Janero 480, Oceal); Mesotrione (Barracuda, Daneva); Clomazone (Clomate)


Oilseed Rape

Oilseed rape is another significant European agricultural crop. Primarily cultivated in France, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom and Ukraine. It is grown for its oil-rich seeds, which are used in various food and industrial applications. Oilseed rape is a valuable crop rotation partner and can act as a break crop for cereals.

Top Brands: Prothioconazole (Euskatel, Chavez); Clethodim (Juniper Max); Clomazone (Clomate, Angelus, Clematis); Azoxystrobin (Diagonal, Legado)


Olives are a significant crop in agriculture cultivated in regions with Mediterranean climates. Harvesting typically occurs in late autumn to early winter, with methods ranging from hand-picking to mechanical shaking.

Top Brands: Flazasulfuron (Jogg, Minsk, Goldwind, Inferno); Copper hydroxide (Copernico HiBio, Blue shield HiBio, Copren HiBio); Copper oxychloride (Oxitec HiBio, Nucop HiBio); Glyphosate-IPA + MCPA (Galaxia Max); Paraffin oil (Plantoil Pro)


Europe is a major producer of potatoes, primarily grown in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Poland. Tubers are harvested for both human consumption and for animal feed.

Top Brands: Clomazone (Clomate, Angelus, Clematis); Aclonifen (Lutece, Elixta); Azoxystrobin (Diagonal, Legado); Fosetyl-al (Alfil WG); Copper hydroxide + Metalaxyl-M (Cyclo Max SC); Prosulfocarb (Fantasia)

Sugar beet

Europe is the largest producer of sugar beet globally. Within Europe, sugar beet is cultivated primarily in the temperate climates of the maritime and north-eastern countries. Sugar beet is typically sown in March-April, where the plants health and growth are carefully monitored. Sugar beet is typically harvested in the autumn, the foliage above the soil surface is 'topped' and the remaining roots are mechanically harvested from the soil.

Top Brands: Clethodim (Juniper Max); Copper hydroxide (Copernico 25 WG HiBio); Clomazone (Angelus)

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