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Meet the North American Leadership Team

Douglas (Dak) Kaye, III

President, North America

Albaugh has a reputation for delivering value to our North American customers through high-quality, cost-effective products that now includes nearly 400 registrations across 50+ active ingredients. We work every day to develop new product offerings and exceed expectations in a professional and ethical manner, putting our customers first.

Mark Helt

Vice President, Commercial

The commercial team provides support and knowledge of products and application to our customers across all five business segments in North America. Our teams focus on product forecasting, identifying solutions, risk mitigation and setting goals for our customers to help maximize their profit.

Jamie Eagan

Vice President, Finance

The finance team wears many hats, and they collaborate with all functions within the Albaugh organization to help support the needs of the company and our customers.

Tim Stoehr

Vice President, Marketing

Albaugh has a rich history of bringing value to our customers through an ever-expanding portfolio of active ingredients and registrations. Our product development and marketing teams are critical to evaluating the business opportunities, navigating the regulatory waters, and bringing these new solutions to the marketplace.

Paul Oppliger

Vice President, Technology

Here at the St. Joseph plant we are proud of our world-class laboratories, synthesis capabilities, formulation processes, and of course, our production and distribution facilities. We strive every day to produce quality products, safely and efficiently, and provide timely delivery when our customers require it.

Renee Gibson

Director of Human Resources

Albaugh’s success depends on the success of our employees. Whether it is employee engagement or professional development, we value the contributions and effectiveness of our teams. Human Resources plays a pivotal role attracting and retaining top talent to build the foundation and achieve our desired outcomes.

Reed Weston

Manager, Operations

Albaugh’s operations and procurement teams aim to provide supply chain solutions and innovations that meet the demands of our customers while maintaining high standards of customer service, quality assurance, and cost-effective operations.

Adam Jones

General Counsel

Albaugh’s focus is providing products that benefit the end-users, and accomplishing that means fostering innovation, establishing compliance, respecting intellectual property, and cooperating with partners to provide the best products at the lowest prices.

The Albaugh Way

Albaugh is Your Alternative: the company that re-imagined the role of post-patent suppliers. We are constantly working to improve the industry standard, bringing a broad array of cost-effective solutions and unmatched customer service to all of the industries we serve.

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